Avid readers finish five-year challenge in just 12 months

At The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College all students are encouraged to read for pleasure and enjoyment. To support this vision, AVS50, a five-year reading initiative was introduced in September 2016.

To complete the reading challenge each student is required read ten books throughout each year they attend the school, meaning they read 50 titles by the end of Year 11.
Impressively, Year 10 Renata Bartha and Year 8 student Dominic Evans, two of the school’s most avid readers have managed to read their way through the 50 books required to complete the challenge in just twelve months.
The school’s librarian, Christine Westwood, said “It has been wonderful to see how well students across the school have engaged with AVS50, and I am amazed at how quickly Dominic and Renata have completed the challenge. Between them they have now read over 100 books from a range of authors, all of which are included on the AVS50 book list which features some challenging titles.”
Alison Davies, Headteacher, said, “This is a wonderful achievement by Dominic and Renata who are superb ambassadors for reading. I hope their accomplishment will encourage other students to pick up a book and enjoy reading.”
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