PPE Exams

On Monday 22nd February, your child will begin their next set of pre-public (mock) exams.

These exams are an important milestone in Year 11, and are likely to be the last full set of mock exams your child will complete before their ‘real’ GCSE exams begin in May.

 Once completed, these mock exams will indicate the progress your child has made since December 2017. The results from these exams will also highlight areas for development which can be addressed as your child moves towards.

In order for your child to be successful it is important for them to engage in revision activities at school, and at home. Please help us in supporting your child by encouraging them to engage with revision.

Attached you will find a number of useful documents including; the PPE timetable, a list of useful revision websites, the AVS revision schedule, and a revision wall chart and planner.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please contact their Achievement Leader.

Useful Links: 

Year 11 Revision Schedule

Year 11 Resource List

Revision Planner

Maths Cards

Independant Revision

A downloadable version of this timetable can be found Here

PPE Feb 18 Final 1

PPE Feb 18 Final 2