At The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College a number of students have been appointed to serve as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and will help fellow students overcome any issues they may face.

As part of the programme, twelve Year 10 students have completed The Diana Award Anti-Bullying training and now run regular lunchtime support session where they speak to and help other students who may be experiencing issues whether they be inside or outside of school. During Anti-Bullying Week 2018, which commenced on Monday 12th November, the students also delivered sessions across the school to promote friendship and well-being.

The Diana Award's Anti-Bullying Campaign, involves a number of different projects aimed at reducing bullying in schools. One of the main projects is the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme which, since being set up in 2011, has worked in over 3000 schools and has trained over 24,000 young people across the UK to lead on anti-bullying campaigns in their schools.

Maths Teacher, Jon Patton, who leads the ambassadors, said, “Sometimes young people will feel uncomfortable talking to an adult about certain issues and that’s when our ambassadors fulfil an important role. All the students who have been appointed applied for the role and have shown maturity, understanding and respect throughout the training process.”

Alison Davies, Headteacher, said “It is important that all of our students feel safe and confident when at school. As a school we have a well established support network, and now that these students have been trained we have an extra layer of support which will benefit our students.”