Miss Labreize
Achievement Leader
Miss Hicks
Student Welfare Leader


Mr Phelan
Achievement Leader
Mr Cunningham
Student Welfare Leader


At The Avon Valley School we strive to nurture our students into becoming happy, confident and successful citizens of the 21st century. We aim that our students not only know success academically, but also make a personal journey throughout their time with us, developing their confidence, leadership skills, social skills, communication skills and many other attributes for becoming a well-rounded adult.

The school believes that praise and reward are motivating factors that encourage our students to push themselves to achieve their very best. Student achievement and effort are acknowledged through a range of rewards;

  • House Points are awarded to students through an on-line portal.
  • Praise postcards are sent home to parents/carers.
  • Students are nominated for the Headteacher's Award weekly.
  • Each term, a Year Group assembly celebrates the successes of their Year group with students rewarded for sustained effort and achievement.
  • '100% Attendance' certificates are awarded through assemblies.
  • An annual prize giving in July of each year to celebrate academic success in each curriculum area.

As a school, we are proud of the relationship that exists between staff and students and praise can come through a simple "well done" from the teacher in the classroom, to feedback in the written form.

The school promotes a wide range of extracurricular opportunities and experiences that develop the interests, talents and abilities of our students. Getting involved allows our students to know success outside of the classroom and experiences are diverse and open to all students. Experiences range from participating in the school annual production (2012's Les Misérables and 2014's Phantom of the Opera, for example), playing netball for the school team, becoming a member of the Christian Union, attending the 4-day trip to Paris for Year 7 and 8s, learning to ski and then attending the biennial ski trip, or learning to play the guitar.

The social and personal development of our students is one key aspect of educating our students. The academic progress of our students is equally as important.

When teachers, students and parents/carers work together, anything is possible. Student progress and achievement are continually tracked to ensure that each and every child is making optimum progress. Each child is placed into a tutor group and their progress is monitored on a day to day basis, supported by the Achievement Leader.


Mr Owen
Achievement Leader
Mr Herring
Student Welfare Leader


Mrs Owen
Achievement Leader
Miss Ranger
Student Welfare Leader