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Mathematics Faculty

The Mathematics Department at Avon Valley School is an exciting, vibrant place to be. We pride ourselves in setting very high standards of mathematical expectations for all pupils. We push students beyond where many feel they are capable and show them that they can do well and that they have it in them to succeed mathematically. Our teaching is class-based (oral work, written worked examples, practice), but with the differing needs of the pupils in the class very much in mind. A good deal of time is spent giving individual attention, both in class and at other times. It is by no means unusual to see members of the department working with individuals or small groups at lunchtimes, after school or at other convenient times. This is a major strength of the department – staff give freely of their time.

We positively encourage all parents to keep in touch with us. Pupils always do better when pupil, school and home work together.

By Email

During the course of a busy day, it is often very difficult to speak to a teaching member of staff directly. Email is the easiest way for parents and teachers to keep in touch and we welcome any contact with you. Just click on the links on the right of this page to drop us a line or two.

By Telephone

If staff are teaching they will be unable to come to the telephone. Ring the school on 01788 542355 and ask to speak to a member of the Maths Faculty. If we are busy we will ring you back as soon as we are free.

Visit Us

Parents are welcome to see a member of the Maths Faculty at any time. It is better to make an appointment because teachers are often in front of a class and unable to leave.


Subject Description

At Key Stage 3, students follow the National Curriculum outline. All students are tested every term on the main areas of maths, including number, shape, data handling and algebra. A GCSE-style assessment is given in order that pupils can become familiar with the format. All assessments will be followed up with full feedback to the student, a summary of which can be found in their exercise book.

In Key Stage 4 students follow a programme of study provided by the exam board that covers the syllabus. All students follow a full GCSE Maths course which is examined at the end of year 11 by one calculator and one non-calculator written papers.

The Mathematics curriculum has been increased in difficulty during the recent changes by the government. We are therefore working hard to improve pupils resilience in Mathematics and to ensure that they are more willing to have a go at all questions even when more complex.

Homework Support

Homework is set every week and students are given a whole week to complete it. Most of these homeworks are sheets which are designed to help improve pupils’ retention of important skills for their examinations. These sheets will need to be downloaded from the schools Show My Homework website. The computer room MA1 is open before school from about 8am onwards, through break-time, lunchtime and after-school. It is not therefore necessary for students to have a computer at home for them to print off their homework but it does mean that if they lose their sheet they can always get another.

The homework is not onerous but inevitably, students will encounter problems. Attempting the homework early will mean your child has time to seek help if necessary. There are many ways to get homework help and we have listed some as follows :

  • Ask a friend or relative to help. It doesn't matter if the method used is different to the one taught in class. All methods are acceptable in an exam and it is good practice for them to use a variety of strategies when solving problems.
  • Ask another student in the same class. Discussing the work and completing it together is good as long as they both understand the concepts involved.
  • Postpone doing the homework and ask a teacher for help the next day. It is better to ask outside of lesson time, just don't leave it too late.

Please do get involved with your child's maths homework.


Mathematics Staff

Mrs D Tyas

Faculty Leader

Ms S Mancini

Assistant Faculty Leader

Ms N Chambers

Assistant Faculty Leader

Mrs L Mistry

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs C Richmond

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss E Quarmayne

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr A Ross

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss E Hunter

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr J Patton

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss E Orchard

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss A Kanyoli

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs A Bearpark

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr I Mansell

Teacher of Mathematics