New MUGA Surface

At The Avon Valley School, we want to expand the range of sports our students are able to experience while increasing our role in the community as a centre of sporting excellence. In order to achieve this, we must re-surface our Multi-Use Games area to make it safe and accessible throughout the year. This will permit us to diversify the sport activities delivered as part of our school curriculum, and develop our ability to engage pupils and the wider Rugby community through extra-curricular events, competitions, clubs, and classes.

The safety of our pupils and any community members utilising the MUGA is our foremost concern. Our MUGA’s existing Tarmac surfacing can become a significant hazard during periods of inclement weather, preventing its use during lessons or breaks. Teaching staff must judge the suitability of the surface on a daily basis as even brief exposure to moisture can make the surface too slippy for use during lessons and break periods. Our pupils prefer to play on the Tarmac surface during wet weather, avoiding the field which is located on a floodplain. However, due to the heightened supervision requirements imposed by the potentially hazardous condition of the MUGA surface, this is not always possible.

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