Key Stage 3

Electronics provides students with the opportunity to design and make a range of interesting products. Students will work practically to develop their skills. They will learn to safely use equipment such as soldering irons, drills and a range of tools. Students will also learn how to draw simple circuit diagrams. They will gain an understanding of a range of electronic components, their function, properties and applications. Students will also work to further develop their CAD/CAM skills in order to develop suitable cases for their products that take the needs of the consumer into consideration.

In year 7 students will design and make their own mood lamp which is a great project to start engaging them in the world of electronic circuits. Students show a great deal of satisfaction when they see their mood lamp working for the first time. The mood lamp is also suitably packaged and this is where the students can start to sue their creative skills as well as thinking about sustainability issues and environmental considerations.

Students studying Electronics in year 9 will develop their electronic knowledge further. They will undertake a more in-depth project, looking more closely at the function of components and how they work together including the use of microprocessors. At present this device is based around listening to music. At Avon Valley we are passionate about teaching about the environment and students are encouraged to package their electronic circuits by reusing existing products.